Sharing your files via Google Drive (Also known as Google Backup & Sync) takes a few quick steps to prepare the download link.

  1. Make sure all the files you want to share with us (and only those files) are in one folder.
  2. Ensure your files are done uploading/syncing with Google Drive. You will will know they are done when the folder has a green checkmark by the name.
  3. Right click the folder and choose "Share using Google Drive."
  4. Click "Get sharable link"
  5. The next step is where it can get a bit tricky. Just above the link that was just created there is a dropdown menu that has the permissions for that link. Click the dropdown.
  6. Choose "more"
  7. Choose "On - Anyone with the link"
  8. Click "Save."
  9. Click the "Copy link" button.
  10. Click "Done."
  11. Paste the link in the Prime Edits app when it asks for "Download Link"