Prime Edits App 2.9.1 Released

Version 2.9.1 is now available for Mac and PC.

What's New

  • You will now see a friendly reminder every 6 months to refresh your profile information.
  • Video jobs can now be uploaded via the app. No need to ship HDDs any more!
  • If you want to still receive a hard drive you can now get one for video or photo jobs for a small shipping fee.
  • We know the job minimum was a little frustrating some times. We handle that a lot better in the app now.
  • We added home and support links on each page of the job submission pages to help you get around a little easier.
  • The "How Fast?" pages for each job type are a little prettier and easier to use now
  • We added more job types for photo jobs to help us all keep track of things a little better.
  • Oops, we had a few typos slip in on the last version.
  • General speed and stability improvements.

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